Monday, July 28, 2008

Lectures for Autumn Term

It's a while away, but for what it's worth these are the Autumn Lectures

September 18th

2 pm - a lecture by Professor Kevin Malone and Seamus McGuinness on Suicide.

3 pm - a presentation by Dr Marie Naughton on confidentiality (please note this topic may be examined in the final examination) followed by a lecture by Dr Seamus Mac Suibhne on stigma

October 10th

2 pm a lecture by Dr Liam Delaney, UCD Geary Institute, on Mental Health, Economic Wellbeing, and the Celtic Tiger

3 pm a lecture by Joe Little, Social and Religious Affairs Correspondent, RTE, on Psychiatry and the Media

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The role of work in psychological health and well being

There's an interesting post on the blog of the UCD Geary Institute on the role of work in psychological health and well being. The post links to various other articles.

Sigmund Freud once wrote somewhere or other that the role of therapy was to enable the patient to, once again, "love and work." (he wrote elsewhere that psychoanalysis replaces the presenting symptom with more ordinary neurosis)